Investment Strategies & Services

Oakford Park Capital, Inc. provides several investment strategies and services to clients resident in the State of Florida.

Strategies include:
–Model Portfolio Account management and Asset Allocation (Sub $500k accounts)
–Custom Portfolio and Asset Allocation For Each Client
–Standard Investment Management Strategies (See Below)

Services Include:

Investment Policy Statements (free of charge for clients)

Standard Investment Management Strategies:

Equity Strategies:

Large Cap Growth Strategy. Benchmark S&P 500 Index

Small Cap Equity Strategy. Benchmark Russell 2000 Index

Dividend Equity Strategy.  Seeking equity income and a return to the dividend discount models of days past.

Equity Risk Mitigation Strategy.  Equity portfolio using multiple standard deviations out-of-the-money index options to mitigate extreme market moves on the downside.

Fixed Income Strategies:

Laddered Bond Portfolios for clients based on cash flow needs.

Intermediate Term Fixed Income Portfolio Management

TIPS and MUNI portfolios based on client needs.