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Cryptocurrency consulting

Oakford Park Capital, will provide CryptoCurrency Consulting services for Select clients. 

A combination of Seminar instruction, direct consulting in-person and consulting via video-conference may be provided.  This consulting will instruct the client to setup wallets, exchange accounts, trading accounts, and the basics of building a diversified CryptoCurrency Portfolio.  Clients will then manage their own investments, and will be directed to take responsibility for their own investment performance.


Clients will be asked to sign a disclosure/disclaimer releasing Oakford Park Capital, Inc. and its representatives and employees from liability related to any investment losses, loss of funds, criminal loss, hacking of accounts, or any and all other events that may lead to the loss of client funds.

This service is offered on a limited basis due to the limited regulatory guidance on managing direct CryptoCurrencies for clients. Consulting starts at $250/hour with a 2-hour minimum consulting session, paid in advance. 

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