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Oakford Park Wealth

Welcome to Oakford Park Wealth Management where every client is valued.


Eric R. Tolle, MBA


Oakford Park Wealth

Oakford Park Wealth

Managed Portfolios

Oakford Park Capital manages several Investment Strategies.

Oakford Park Wealth Equity Portfolios.

OPW Equity Risk Managed Portfolio

OPW ETF Strategies

OPW Large Cap Equity Portfolio

OPW Blockchain Portfolio

Oakford Park Wealth Fixed Income Strategies:

OPW Short Term Fixed Income Portfolio

OPW Cash Account 

Oakford Park Wealth offers additional Equity Strategies with IB Asset Management for low cost portfolios.

OPW Equity Strategies:

OPW Broad Market Portfolio

OPW Quality Portfolio

OPW Dividend Portfolio

OPW Growth Portfolio

OPW Value Portfolio

OPW Small Cap Broad Market Portfolio

OPW Small Cap Quality Portfolio

OPW Small Cap Dividend Portfolio

OPW Small Cap Growth Portfolio

OPW Small Cap Value Portfolio

Oakford Park Capital professionals will help design a custom diversified portfolio for you using multiple strategies to meet your goals.

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