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Non Profit Organizations

Oakford Park Capital professionals have a long history of providing professional Investment Management Services to Non-Profit Organizations.

Oakford Park Capital Professionals have experience with many different types of  Non-Profit Organization Accounts and take their responsibility in serving these clients very seriously.

The firm offers traditional Equity and Fixed-Income Management for clients, with a particular product targeted at Non-Profits and that may be sensitive to downside market corrections, by hedging those portfolios with out-of-the-money options for large corrections and "black-swan" type events.  Losses of principal can be difficult for Non-Profits that rely on donations and contributions and hurt relations with their donors. 


Please contact us today for details in institutional and non-profit investment portfolios for your organization.

Institutional Investors are directed to view the Firm ADV and ADV Part II on the Useful Links Page.

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