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Short Term Fixed Income Portfolio

Short Term Fixed Income Portfolio

The Short Term Fixed Income Portfolio seeks to hold corporate, asset backed, and treasury securities from 1-3 years along with TIPS (Inflation Protected Treasuries) with an average effective maturity under 8 years.  The portfolio may also hold ETF's to diversify the portfolio.



Oakford Park Capital opinion on fixed income since the financial crisis of 2008, is short term.  With rates around the world at historic lows (or even negative rates) as world economies grow and rebound that central banks will only raise rates in the future, this means that price appreciation on long bonds will be very limited in a rising rate environment from an appreciate perspective.   Additionally, the incremental yields available by going further out the somewhat flat yield curve is not worth the price risk.  Therefore, we primarily offer only a short term fixed income product.  For those that require income, we would rather see those clients in a low volatility and dividend income portfolio, possibly with some preferred stock holdings.

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