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Oakford Park Wealth

ETF Strategy Portfolios

Oakford Park Wealth ETF Strategies

For smaller client account balances, Oakford Park Wealth offers low cost, low commission ETF (Exchange Traded Funds) Strategic Portfolios for broad diversification of client investments in multiple asset classes.  Each ETF has been rated 3 Stars or Higher on Morningstar Ratings, and preferably 4 Stars and higher with Gold/Silver/Bronze awards.

ETF's Available
ETF's available to be used in this strategy include the following asset classes:

EQUITY-Broad Market

Core S&P 500

Core S&P Mid Cap

Core S&P Total Stock Market

Russell 1000 

Russell Mid-Cap

Dividend Equity 

Mid Cap Dividend

Small Cap Dividend


Core MSCI Total International Mkt

Emerging Markets ETF

Global ETF

International Dividend

Total World Stock

Bonds/Fixed Income/Gold

1-3 Year Treasury Bonds

US Aggregate Bonds

TIPS Bonds

Short Maturity Active

Physical Gold ETF

The ETF Asset Allocation is specialized for each client based on their investment needs, risk tolerance, and time horizon.  Your Oakford Park Professional will walk you through the process and design a custom portfolio just for your needs.

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