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Eric R. Tolle, MBA


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Welcome to Oakford Park Institutional Services

Unique Solutions for Unique Organizations

"At Oakford Park Capital, we take the responsibility managing the funds for your organization very seriously.  Hundreds and potentially thousands of people invested in the funds, receiving benefits from the assets, and part of the communities you are responsible to are depending on us.  Let's work together to earn and keep that trust."

James G. Taylor, MBA PhD


Oakford Park Capital


Oakford Park Capital professionals have a long history of providing professional Investment Management Services to Institutional Investors and Non-Profit Organizations.

Oakford Park Capital Professionals have experience with Institutional Investment accounts, Taft-Hartley Retirement, Corporate Funds, Defined Benefit Pension Plans, University & College Endowment Funds, Hospital & Health Care Funds, and Small Non-Profit Agency Accounts.  We can also be engaged in an Investment Consulting role for your organization.

The firm offers traditional Equity and Fixed-Income Management for clients, with a particular product targeted at Non-Profits and Retirement Plans that may be sensitive to downside market corrections, by hedging those portfolios with out-of-the-money options for large corrections and "black-swan" type events.  Losses of principal can be difficult for Non-Profits that rely on donations and contributions and hurt relations with their donors.  Please contact us today for details in institutional and non-profit investment portfolios for your organization.

Institutional Investors are directed to view the Firm ADV and ADV Part II on the Useful Links Page.

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