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Retirement Plans

Oakford Park Capital professionals have a long history of providing professional Investment Management Services to Retirement Plans from Defined Benefit, Taft-Hartley, and Defined Contribution.

Oakford Park Capital Professionals have experience with many different types of Retirement Plans and take their responsibility in serving these clients very seriously.

Please take a moment and read Oakford Park Capital President's commentary "Jim's Story" under About Us, so understand the passion, care, and commitment we have to your organization, plan participants, and retirees.

The firm offers traditional Equity and Fixed-Income Management for clients, with a particular product targeted at Non-Profits and that may be sensitive to downside market corrections, by hedging those portfolios with out-of-the-money options for large corrections and "black-swan" type events.  Losses of principal can be difficult for Retirement Plans that may be underfunded, or for retirees who are close to retirement and would be severely impacted by a large downside correction. 


Please contact us today for details on investment portfolios for your organization.

Institutional Investors are directed to view the Firm ADV and ADV Part II on the Useful Links Page.

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