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Equity Risk Managed


Risk-Focused Management

The Equity Risk Managed Portfolio seeks to closely match the performance of the S&P 500 while offering downside protection against extreme market losses through S&P 500 PUT Options.  The core portfolio is the same or similar to the Large Cap S&P 500 Equity Portfolio.

Risk-Focused Management
The Equity Risk Managed Portfolio has Sector weights that closely match the S&P 500 Sector GICS weightings.  S&P 500 PUT Options are purchased 2-3 Standard Deviations (if available) out-of-the-money on the downside, to limit extreme losses to the portfolio with out added leverage.  2008 was a year where this strategy could have protected client assets from an unexpected significant market decline.

Enhanced Index Approach + Downside Protection
This strategy enhances the S&P 500 by focusing on high quality companies, preferably paying a dividend, with the goal of outperforming the index in the long-term with an downside Hedge Overlay.

Security Selection
Sector weights closely match those of the S&P 500, while Sub sector weights may vary completely.  Security selection seeks high quality larger cap companies preferably with a dividend to match or outperform the benchmark index. S&P 500 PUT Options may be laddered or rolled over depending on liquidity and availability of securities.

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