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Risk Managed Portfolios

for Institutional Investors

Risk Management of Portfolios for Institutional, Non-Profit, Hospitals, Endowments, and Retirement Plans is CRITICAL in our opinion.

The impact of a large loss of principal to an organization that depends on donations and has hundreds or thousands of beneficiaries to plans and funds in the community can take a decade to recover from financially, and even longer reputationally. Losses of principal can be difficult for Non-Profits that rely on donations and contributions and hurt relations with their donors. 

Oakford Park Capital President & CEO Dr. James G. Taylor, MBA PhD has worked in Financial and Market Risk Management for years in his career, most notably reporting up through the Chief Risk Officer of Raymond James Financial, reporting risk analytics to the President & Chairman of the company on nearly $1 Billion in trading inventories.

Oakford Park Capital has several Investment Strategies targeted at Non-Profits designed to be sensitive to downside market corrections, by hedging those portfolios with out-of-the-money options for large corrections and "black-swan" type events or by having a built in Low Volatility Investment Philosophy.

Please view our Risk Managed Strategies Below:

Risk Managed Equity Strategy

Large Cap Low Volatility Equity Strategy

Small-Mid Cap Low Volatility Equity Strategy


Institutional Investors are directed to view the Firm ADV and ADV Part II on the Useful Links Page.

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